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Миронова Л.Н. Цветоведение

Состояние Хорошее без с/о.разрыв дл. 4 см. форзаца Автор Миронова Л.Н. Издательство Вышэйшая школа. 1984г Год издания 1994 Переплет Твердый переплет . 288 с., ил. […]

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Mount Christofer. Arne Jacobsen

Книга о дизайнере.

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Tonge Gary. Bold Visions: A Digital Painting Bible

This comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the rapidly expanding area of digital painting features beautifully displayed finished works of art alongside practical demonstrations. Artists will […]

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Tsai Francis. 100 Ways to Create Fantasy Figures

100 exciting and ingenious ways to design and draw better fantasy figures – from developing characters to adding costumes, props and backdrops. Hollywood concept designer […]

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Composite authors. Fantasy Workshop: Mastering Digital Painting Techniques

As computer-based drawing and painting programs become more sophisticated, the audience for fantasy art keeps growing along with it. Produced in association with the renowned […]

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Alexander Rob. Drawing and Painting Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes

Artists interested in graphic novels and comic book illustration will find all the guidance and inspiration they need to draw and paint landscapes that evoke […]

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Lukacs Chuck. Fantasy Genesis: A Creativity Game for Fantasy Artists

Get Rolling on Your Most Inventive Artwork Ever! What lurks in the shadows of your imagination? This book takes you deep into the dusty corners […]

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Kremers Rudolf. Level Design: Concept, Theory, and Practice

Good or bad level design can make or break any game, so it is surprising how little reference material exists for level designers. Beginning level […]

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Ahearn Luke. 3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop...

A broadly enhanced edition of Luke Ahearn’s cornerstone game art book . When digital art software was in its infancy, most digital art, especially vector […]

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Еренбург Фаина. Современный интерьер

Результат проекта компании DAVIS “Современный интерьер: факты, эмоции, решения”. Лощёная бумага. Полноцветная печать. Тираж 1000 экз.

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